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We are a platform that connects latinas to mentors
invested in their growth.

Somos una plataforma que conecta a latinas con mentores.


Follow along!

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What’s a madrina?

A madrina is a godmother. Usually they are chosen by your parents at birth, and they are the women who are devoted to help guide you as you grow.

How should I prepare?

The more prepared you are for your madrina conversation, the more you will get out of it! We advise you to write three specific questions in preparation for your Madrina meeting.

how does it work?

Through our platform, you can purchase 45 minutes to meet with a madrina. After you purchase, you will receive an email confirmation.

can i talk to the same madrina twice?

Maybe! If they are available, you can absolutely book another session with them.  We ask that respect their privacy and don’t contact them personally.

you have big dreams and big things to do here.
buuuuuut sometimes you feel like you’re missing connections or information to help you move forward. we connect you to a madrina to help you.


meet the vamos ladies madrinas

Pamela Barba

Pamela Barba

Full Time Entrepreneur / Tech Founder

Past Roles: Creative strategist, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Adjunct Professor, Social Entrepreneur

BFA, Graphic Design


Short Bio:

Pamela is a creative strategist. She is passionate about creating a positive impact through design and technology.

In 2017 she founded Vamos Ladies, an online economic empowerment community for Latina millennials. Vamos Ladies provides community, education, and access to mentors for Latinas. Their mission is to help Latinas earn more. As a consultant, Pamela helps entrepreneurs launch businesses + do-good initiatives.

Pamela is in Digital Undivided’s BIG Incubator, a 26 week program for Latinx + Black women founders. In the past year: Vamos Ladies pitched as a finalist at Plywood People’s Idea Competition and won a 1k grant from the Awesome Foundation. Pamela has worn many hats: as a strategist, a project manager, an adjunct college professor, an activist, a graphic designer, and a tech founder. She has worked some of Atlanta’s greatest including Turner Broadcasting, Dragon Army, Georgia State University, and The Southern Education Foundation. She earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University in 2014.

I speak :

Spanish, English, Spanglish

We can talk about:

graphic design + branding, being a first time tech founder, entrepreneurship, branding, adjunct teaching, activism, college, BFAs, feminism, social entrepreneurship,

I’m passionate about:

Social justice, social entrepreneurship, Immigration.

apply to be a madrina + get paid to support latinas.

Latinas experience the biggest wage gap at 54 cents to the dollar.
Our mission is to help Latinas earn more.



174 Carroll St.
Atlanta, GA
*Meetings by appointment only!

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