We help Latinas communicate their value. Together we build strong brands so they can feel confident and make money with ease.

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do you struggle with your branding?

  • Tired of conflicting information on the internet?
  • Not sure what to post on social?
  • Is it time to revamp your website?
  • Not sure how to use the brand you have?
  • Are you struggling to charge your worth?
  • Not sure whose advice to follow?
Pamela has coached dozens of entrepreneurs within the Plywood People community, and all leave time with her with clear next steps and the feeling that they have been heard and understood. I have so much respect for the way Pamela can get to the root of tensions and help find clear solutions to move through them.
Callie Murray

Community Manager, Plywood People

What Pamela has is a gift. She has this quiet way of pulling the puzzle pieces of the ideas in your head and making them into an AMAZING picture. Run, don’t walk, to book her today.
Dr. Leslie Nwoke

Founder + CEO, Heartwork Now

Working with Pamela, on projects big and small, has brought a sharpness and a clarity to what I do. She is patient, thorough and approaches projects with a bird’s eye view. Not only is she thoughtful and strategic, but she is full of wisdom and kindness, which are two of her most compelling attributes. Whether you are hashing out an idea for the first time or if you are simply looking to discover your best next step, Pamela is the support you need. Hire her!
Bethaney Wilkinson

Social Entrepreneur

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