one on one coaching

women tell me secrets


Secrets? What kind of secrets?

Maybe you have an idea that’s been living in the back of your head for years. Maybe you’ve started your business/career, but you secretly want to change course. Completely.

I’m honored that many women chose to tell me the things they often wouldn’t share with a stranger. I combine my branding and strategy experience along with personal lessons learned in the entrepreneurial world to create a space where we can make the blueprint for you to take action.

How can we work together?

Let’s hop on a free 15-minute introduction call. 

If we decide that working together will be beneficial, we’ll schedule 3 – 4 sessions a month, for 3 – 4 months based on your goals.  

Sessions with me are $100/hour. Discounts are offered if you book several sessions at once. We offer scholarships for Latinx folks not able to pay for our services. Apply here. 

We meet for 60 minutes over a zoom phone call, or in Cabbagetown, Atlanta. 


What I do 

I work with entrepreneurs and creatives to develop their brands and businesses. My skills include: design, strategy, entrepreneur/creative coaching, lean start-up methodologies, user research, project management, digital marketing, content strategy, storytelling, and branding.


Find alignment where passion meets profit
Digital Marketing + Content Strategy
Understand your clients + market
Lean Start-up / Design Thinking Methods
Brand + Web Design
Development of services + products
Strategic Planning + Accountability

Together, we will: 

Identify the best next step for you and your brand. (whether you’re a solo-preneur or a working professional) You may just be starting out, or you’re looking to boost your efforts. We work together to identify strategies that align with You uniquely as a person. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just the way that resonates the most with you. We take a holistic look at your goals, time, strengths,  and values.

What will you walk away with?

In our first session, we will clarify your goals and set intentions for our time together. 
We’ll conduct an audit of where you are, where you want to go, and what steps need to happen along the way. 
We’ll plan by taking a holistic look at what’s already on your plate, and together we will create a strategy that feels aligned and manageable. 

Who is this for? 

This is for you if you’re tired of guessing. Sure, there are many free tools and information on the internet that could guide you. And I myself use as many free tools as I can. The problem, is that you can waste a lot of time looking at those tools. Wondering if this e-course is the right one, or if that Canva template is the one. The truth is, any of those tools could work, and many of those strategies could give you results. Researching, thinking, trying things, changing your mind, all of it – is a waste of time if it’s not aligned with YOU and your ultimate goal in mind. 

I don’t have all the right answers, but I know the right questions to ask you. I know the tools that work, and the strategies that help you move to the next step. If you’re ready to be brave, and ready to stop scrolling on the web – let’s talk!