In this wellness episode, we talk with Stacy Rodriguez. One thing we love most about Stacy is her holistic view + approach to people and space. She has her Masters of Social Work and is a Trauma-Responsive practitioner.


In this podcast we talk with Afro-Latina, writer, student and lover of love + learning and friend, Stacy! Stacy is an organizer of healing homes and spaces. She has her Masters of Social Work and is a Trauma-Responsive practitioner. Stacy is currently exploring narratives of home, belonging and migration.

Things to look for if a space in your home isn’t working for you:

  • Breath. If your breath changes, or you’re holding your breath, you’re most likely anxious
  • Posture: if you’re hunched or shrinking while occupying a space.
  • Avoidance. What are you actively avoiding?

We also delve into intentionality.

“It puts you in the position of changing the narrative. Seeing all that you are… versus responding or reacting without choice. Intentionally give us choice over our lives and gives us our power and our agency,”

“I think Intentionality is something of the spirit and not of the mind. We still have a choice in how we hold our narratives in our spirit.” – Stacy Rodriguez

In another period of transition, Stacy is currently learning to allow space for anxiety and to not be overwhelmed by it, but remaining patient with herself. Check out the podcast to hear more of our candid conversation.





Click the link below for a TED talk for the 8 ways to create flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


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