Growth is NOT sexy. It requires us to be uncomfortable. How could a coach help you in this process? And by the way, WTF is coaching anyway? Coach Librada Estrada and I dive into all these things and more in this episode. Enjoy!

Work with with Librada Estrada

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In this episode we discuss:

  • What is coaching?
  • When is it beneficial to work with a coach? And when can you do self-coaching exercises?
  • What are our beliefs and how do they in our head in the first place?
  • What things do we learn from our Latinx culture that are not the most helpful?
  • The hidden agendas that people for us that get in the way of our own happiness.
  • How to make changes in our lives.

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Download the PDF with the 8 questions to help you Reflect on Lessons Learned by Librada Estrada here.

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