One of my favorite things about following other creators is the behind the scenes of their lives and what they’re learning as they grow. So! I’ve decided to have a post (maybe weekly, maybe monthly – who knows!) about what I am I learning/testing.

One of the biggest struggles as a social entrepreneur (and Enneagram 2, frankly) is to figure out how to pay myself to do the work I know the world needs. I have spent two years with this puzzle, and think I have an answer that will work for now! I’ve been trying to make the time/figure out how to make my curriculum accessible and available for the people I want to serve. (Badass Latinas who need a bit of extra support). Until I can create a system, I’ve been sharing these teachings with people one on one. Un cafecito for aqui, a quick call por aca, a brainstorm sesh on my couch.

BUT one of the reasons why I’ve been able to afford to do that is because I’ve been paying my bills by using my design/strategy skills. SO for the remainder of 2019, I am going to test something. For every person that hires me at my full rate, I will put a percentage of the profit to working with the Mujeres​ I want to serve. The money will go towards, one on one coaching, writing the curriculum and eventually running an accessible coaching group.

As a social entrepreneur, I am learning how to use my business to fund the work I want to see done in the world. I’ve been doing this already, but now I will test being more intentional and pulling out a set amount to pay (myself or others) to hold space. More details to come as I figure it out!

If you’ve been wanting to work with me, but haven’t had the funds, be on the lookout for scholarship applications to come out late this summer!