Do you feel weird promoting yourself?

Are you unsure of what to say, post or even who you’re supposed to be “promoting” to? Do you feel left out of spaces that don’t understand your unique experience as a woman of color?

After years of going through career and business education, we noticed there were some things missing from the “normal” curriculum. Like how to deal with two cultures that have very different goals. Or where the hell are you supposed to stash that impostor syndrome? What to do if you come from a family that has a scarcity mindset and you’re trying to make more money? Or how do we feel comfortable in spaces that make us feel out of place?

But what if it didn’t have to feel that way?

What if your social media presence felt like a natural extension of yourself? What would it feel like to be sure of your message and attract new opportunities to yourself constantly? What would it be like if your cultura was your power?

Through our Vamos Ladies curriculum, we help ladies feel confident and improve their mindset and brand so they can make money with ease. Our curriculum is made up of strategy, culturally relevant resources and coaching. All in a community-driven way, so you can stop feeling alone, and hang out with some ladies who get it.

We do this by gathering people in a couple different ways. (both online and offline)

brand audit

Do you do your own stunts? (aka you design, post, and manage your personal or business brand.)
Through our virtual audit, we give you feedback to make sure you’re on track.

Book your $47 Brand Audit here. 

One-on-one consultations

In these strategy guided sessions, we focus on making a 3 month plan for you and your brand.
Together we clarify your vision, make a plan, and take bold action. 

Learn more about how we can work together one-on-one here. 

Group gatherings

We meet monthly for the duration of 4 months. In this mastermind group, we support each other and hold each other accountable. We learn from each other and we teach each other. In the four months, we follow the Vamos Ladies strategy curriculum to clarify the vision, make a plan, and take action while being supported.

These sessions are offered online and in-person in Atlanta, Georgia.  Our next session starts in August.

lista? vamos!

Quiero Dinero Cheat Sheet

Quiero Dinero Cheatsheet coming your way!