“Who pays for you to build Vamos Ladies? It looks so fun! I want someone to fund my work.” 

To do social justice work – someone has to pay for it. The way we’re used to thinking about it is that we do one of these options: 

  1. I’ll volunteer after my full-time job 
  2. I’ll apply for a grant
  3. I’ll work somewhere that has a cool mission and hope our values overlap

So what’s the problem with those models?  

If you’re anything like me (or the hundreds of women I’ve interviewed) The work that you long to do, is to serve your community. 

The problem with someone else directly funding your work is that they have to understand the obstacles that you experience. They have to agree with how you spend your time and money. 

In many instances – the people with access to funding are people that have different levels of privilege, class and ethnic backgrounds. Their experience in the world is simply different than mine. 

Entrepreneurship is a tool for social change because it allows us to find alternative means for funding the work that our communities need. It allows us to spend time caring for our lives and our families, under our own rules and values. 

So who pays for me to do the work I do with Vamos Ladies? For the past 1.5 years, it’s been by the wonderful people that hire @mspamelabarba to design websites, brands, and creative strategy. Over time, I’ve been slowly shifting my services to Vamos Ladies. It’s a slow process, but thanks to the opportunities brought to me via entrepreneurship – I’m slowly getting there.

If entrepreneurship is something that you want to try – there are small steps that you can take to get there, let’s talk!