Vamos Ladies is a confidence and branding studio by Latinx women.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you will notice we pivoted! Read a little more about our journey below.

2018 was an excellent year, to recap we completed a competitive tech incubator. Digital Undivided taught us to listen to our customers, find a pain point and test out different solutions until we find product-market fit. (here’s a picture of me and other amazing founders in the BIG incubator.)

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While I was doing the research (and talking to hundreds of Latinas), something became clear. The Latinx culture is a relationship based culture, and as I met with people, they wanted to talk, they wanted to drink a cafecito, they wanted to meet each other! I knew I was onto something,… however, maybe it wasn’t the product based tech company that I initially thought.

On the other hand, to help cover my bills while being in the incubator, I consulted with women as they launched projects and brands. It started with branding, but soon we were talking about other things: belonging, self-worth, confidence.

So in 2017, I started writing and testing my own rules for being a Latina in the tech + biz + social justice space. During that year I worked with dozens of women, teaching them how to diy their brands, how to launch their projects.

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I didn’t realize that I was writing a curriculum. A simpler way to help women put in place branding strategies as they launch brands and creative projects. All while feeling supported. The more I taught the curriculum, the more I realized that this was a thing, maybe the thing I was looking for all along!

When I began my own business, I realized something was missing; there was lots of tactical advice for building brands, sales funnels, Instagram pages, etc. However, something was a little weird; when I looked at the “successful leaders”, they didn’t look like me. When I read their stories, they didn’t sound like mine.

Vamos Ladies helps women upgrade their branding and mindset so they can feel confident and make money with ease. Over time, the goal is to create this system into a full curriculum.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!

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What is Vamos Ladies?

Vamos Ladies is a confidence + branding studio made by Latinx women.

Ok, but what exactly do you do?

We’ve developed a system that is one-part branding, one-part coaching. We work with women 1on1 and in small groups as we walk through our Vamos Ladies curriculum together. We establish clear goals, we look at their values, we lean on strengths and we build a brand that is authentic. Through our work together, our clients gain confidence and feel more comfortable promoting their brand, which leads to better opportunities!

What about the mentorship platform?

Mentorship is a crucial component to help Latinas gain access to better opportunities. Building a tech platform is not the kind of business that I want to create now. I do plan to put in place mentor dinners in the future, stay tuned for that!

Ready to get started?

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